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C-Card – Free Condoms

C-Card – Free Condoms

Free Condoms for under 25s living in Wolverhampton

If you are aged between 13 and 24 you can sign up for a C-card and get free condoms from places such as Youth Clubs, Pharmacies, Schools, Health Centres and young people’s services across the city.

There are over 50 youth and health venues and approximately 50 pharmacies where you can use your card. Some are just for people who attend the service, for example schools, but most are open to anyone with a C-card.

Benefits of a C-Card
  • Regular supplies of free condoms
  • Good quality sexual health information
  • Large number of outlets across Wolverhampton
  • Once you have a C-card you can just show it at a venue to get free condoms, without having to answer lots of questions

How to get a C-card
  • The C-Card Sign-up venues leaflet shows all the venues across Wolverhampton where you can get a C-Card. 
  • Ask the worker at that venue if you can sign up for the C-card scheme. You may have to arrange a time when the worker is free and can see you in private.
  • It takes about 20 minutes to sign up, so make sure you have enough time.

Where can I use my C-Card to get free condoms?
What if I am 25 or over?

If you are 25 or over you can still get free condoms.

Men and women of all ages can walk in and get free condoms from our service at The Fowler Centre, West Park Hospital and Bilston Health Centre.